University of Leiden and CY2 introduce the FLUID homepage for student SelfService.

Recently CY2 and the University of Leiden started a project to introduce the FLUID look and feel to students and later staff of the university. The first phase of this project has gone into live student testing stages earlier this month.
From the beginning of the project, the plan was to take a result focused approach.

The initial responses from the selected students participating in the test are extremely positive. These positive responses make the team strive for more in the next phase, dedicated to improve student satisfaction and modernizing the look and feel and functionality of the SelfService pages.

We decided to set an ambitious go-live date for the first phase. In this first phase the goal was to present the students with a FLUID homepage for their SelfService portal.
On this homepage tiles where created which point to the classic self service interfaces for actions like signing up for classes, the progress report and personal details among other things. We decided to take the approach of pointing to classic first and take a later phase to create full FLUID functionality and pages so we could speed up the introduction of FLUID and go live at an early stage. Thus allowing more time for the students to get used to the new look and feel.
The big hit among the test students so far has been the Pivot grid tile created to dynamically and in real time show the progress of the student’s program.

The result of the homepage can be seen on the screenshot below:

The look and feel in accordance to the styling rules of the University of Leiden was accomplished using style sheets. These CSS scripts contain information relating to the size and font of the text used, colors and scalability.

To ensure that both the FLUID homepage and header is not shown to staff, we used a combination of security roles (for access to tiles/pages) and themes. Themes where used to enforce the visibility or invisibility of the FLUID header and navigation based on assigned security roles. The University of Leiden has a clear and well-designed security role structure, allowing the assignment of themes through the use of just 2 roles.

In the below screenshot, you will see an example of a theme (in this example CY2_FLUID) being shown only to users who are assigned the role CY2_THEME. When this role is not present in the user account, the default theme will be shown. In the below example, that would be the DEFAULT_THEME_FLUID.

When looking at the tiles, a tile can be used to redirect to external links, PeopleSoft components and other homepages. In this project, all of these where used. Tiles to external pages where used to offer students quick access to among other things the university library’s webpage.

An example of how a tile is configured on the structure and content component to redirect to an external link can be seen in the screenshot below.

An example of how a tile is configured on the structure and content component to redirect to a PeopleSoft component can be seen in the screenshot below.

In the next phases of the project the goal is to create complete Fluid functionality pages for every tile, one by one. In the future the goal is for the student not having to leave the fluid look and feel for their self-service activities.

One way of creating these tiles is by using the tile wizard, which was introduced with PeopleTools 8.55. For a tutorial on how to create tiles using the tile wizard check out Elmer’s previous blog post:

Furthermore, in the near future my colleague Stefan van Liempt will post a technical deep dive blog about the above. If you’re interested in the technical in-depth follow up on the above, stay tuned!

If you want to know more about FLUID landing pages or feel the need for support while implementing FLUID into your organization, feel free to contact CY2, we are here to help!

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  • Avatar
    Joanne Smart

    We are on PeopleTools 8.55.13.
    Is it possible to have a tile go to a navigation collection that is just a collection of external links?

    • Lukas Degens
      Lukas Degens

      Hi Joanne,

      Thank you for your great and interesting question!
      I will look into this when I have a spare moment and let you know as soon as I know more.


      Lukas – CY2

  • Avatar
    Saiha Jawaid

    Can we have a single homepage as per user role such as student homepage only ne displayed. I may not be able to see contributor homepage and campus solution administrator homepage

    • Lukas Degens
      Lukas Degens

      Hi Saiha,

      Thank you for your comment.
      Yes, you can have one homepage per user rol, therefore allowing users to see different homepages depending on their role.
      I hope this answers your question!

      Kind regards,

      Lukas – CY2

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