The Education Innovation Sessions that took place on June 4th, 2020 was a big success! A big thank you to all attendees and partners for participating. For below sessions, recordings (or slides) are available. Please check back soon to get access to more recordings as they become available.

  • Slot 1 – Session 1 – Getting compliant with Privacy Regulation
  • Slot 1 – Session 2 – Chatting with Holly the road to the first chatbots of Inholland
  • Slot 2 – Session 3 – Modern student communication, why now?
  • Slot 5 – Session 1 – The corona virus experiment
  • Slot 5 – Session 2 – Supporting guided pathways to increase student success using Fluid Program Enrollment
  • Slot 6 – Session 3 – Make your chatbot work for your institution

Click here to access the files for above sessions.

Below session is not available as download but viewable online.

For some sessions separate registration was required. Use below links to access these recordings.

Interested in joining next time? Leave your e-mail below so we can invite you for the next Education Innovation Sessions event!

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