CY2 provides technology solutions and services for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions customers worldwide.

Our passion for Higher Education is why our customers work with us. We are dedicated to providing solutions and services that improve and extend the use of Campus Solutions. 

Campus Solutions customers around the world are facing challenges that are best solved by partners who are innovative, are committed to their success and bring deep qualifications and proven success.

According the World Economic Forum, higher education institutions worldwide face the following four challenges:

  • An increasing need for life-long learning in a non-linear world
  • Evolving needs and expectations of the “student-consumer”
  • Emerging technologies and business models
  • Shift towards a “skills over degrees” model

CY2’s solutions and services address these challenges with bespoke solutions designed in partnership with our customers AND
high value consulting, implementation and ongoing managed services. 

Our Solutions

Continuing Education

Built with standard Campus Solutions capabilities and PeopleCode, CE addresses requirements of non-traditional students, career training, workforce training, personal enrichment courses. With CE from CY2, institutions do not have to license, implement and support another, 3rd party SIS.

Program Enrollment

Built with standard Campus Solutions capabilities and PeopleCode, PE  is provides a guided pathways model in a completely flexible and open program structure which is able to support virtually any type of institutional program requirements. This can lockstep structured program of study or a more flexible and open program structure that allows individual student planning.

CY2 Connect

Connect is a cloud based platform tightly integrated with Campus Solutions that offers institutions an alternative to email. Students can be reached wherever they are – SMS; WhatsApp; Teams; Modo; Slack; any mobile application.

Digital Assistant

Based on Oracle’s ODA platform, Ada is easily trained and implemented by CY2 to address a wide range of use cases such as: 

Application Form

The most modern and flexible application form build for PeopleSoft.

Continuing Education helps students gain essential skills to seek their next professional steps.

Gone are the days of a one-size-fits-all approach to education. As the global job market shifts and new technologies emerge, it’s more important than ever for people of all ages to seek out higher education.


Non-traditional education models give modern learners the ability to gain new skills and sharpen existing ones in an accessible way. In order to keep with current trends and meet market demands, educational institutions must be able to meet the demand of non-traditional students. 

In the US, 64 million adults lack a postsecondary degree while nearly 90 million working adults require upskilling to compete in the workforce. Meanwhile in the EU, less than 40 percent of adults participate some sort of
learning or skill training every year. Implementing continuing education programs is one of the most important ways that institutions can stay relevant and engaged with what the modern student truly needs.

CY2’s Continuing Education key features and capabilities:
  • Flexible course and program offering
  • Instant enrollment and easy purchase management
  • Track progression and educational content completion
  • Student history and detail tracking
  • Process financial information
  • Bypass core functionality in Campus Solutions which is not required for continuing educational business processes.
  • Integrate with third party CRM, payment, etc. systems using delivered PT IB tooling
  • Seamlessly Integrate with Campus Solutions modules
    • Communication, Checklists, Comments (3C)
    • Notification framework
  • Campus Solutions and PeopleTools native
  • Fluid UX; Activity Guides; Interactive Reporting

CY2’s Continuing Education solution gives schools and universities a cost-effective, easily implemented, PeopleSoft native solution that addresses the requirements of nontraditional students. With CY2’s Continuing Education, institutions do not have to implement another SIS system to address nontraditional students, avoiding significant cost and the risk of having to deal with a “shadow SIS system.”

Supporting guided pathways to increase student success.

In order to be successful today, institutions need to understand and adapt to student expectations. When it comes to their educational paths, degree-seeking students demand more personalized and individualized services.

By introducing fluid Program Enrollment your institution is able to support flexible plans and tailor individual learning paths on the go, while preventing excess credit and providing a clear path to the (degree) goals of the student.

CY2’s Program Enrollment key features and capabilities:
  • Modern user interface
  • Optimized for use on mobile devices
  • Streamlined process – reduced amount of steps for students when enrolling for courses.
  • Shopping-like experience – students select their courses, add them to the planner and enroll. It’s that easy!

Effective student communications are at the heart of improving Student Retention, closing the Equity Gap and fostering Student Success.

CY2 Connect is our student communications platform to support better communicate between your institution and the students. Providing  a cost-effective, easily implemented, PeopleSoft native solution for communicating with students across multiple channels, reducing the reliance on email.

With CY2 Connect, institutions can deliver and track messages across virtually any communication channel, including:

  • SMS
  • Teams/Slack
  • Digital Assistant
  • WhatsApp
  • Email
CY2 Connect features and capabilities:
  • Students can be default opted-in or choose their preferred channels.
  • CY2 Connect integrates natively into Campus Solutions using standard PeopleTools technology, reducing costs of implementation and ongoing maintenance.
  • Connect can be implemented as an on-premise or cloud application
  • Connect is fully integrated into an institution’s security framework, including Single Sign-on

Introducing Ada, an Oracle Digital Assistant chatbot that’s as unique as your institution

When students have questions, they need answers quickly. Thankfully, chatting is becoming more convenient every day. Integrating custom chatbots into your institution is one of the most effective ways to answer these questions and boost student success. Building on Oracle’s Digital Assistant (ODA) technology, CY2’s family of chatbots are here to help. 

We call our chatbot Ada, but you can call it whatever you’d like. In fact, we encourage you to create a name, image and “personality” for your chatbot. In this way, our chatbot can be seamlessly adapted to your institution, allowing you to communicate instantly and effectively with your student population without being robotic. 

CY2’s Digital Assistant key features and capabilities:

  • A chatbot that’s as unique as your institution is Integration of our chatbot with People Soft Campus Solutions is quick & easy
  • Navigation & Orientation – help students find their way on campus
  • PSCS integration to allow course
    timetable & individual learning support
  • Help students with course timetable and learning support
  • Course schedule
  • Keep student accounts up-to-date with reminders & payment links
  • Financial aid documents and payment reminders
  • Undergraduate, graduate and continuing education
  • Help desk support
  • Advising support

Applicants become students with CY2’s Fluid Application Forms– the most modern and flexible application form build for PeopleSoft.

Before a student is a student, that person is first an applicant. As important as it is for institutions to collect relevant applicant data, it’s equally as important that the applicant is presented with a user-friendly, modern application.

By introducing the fluid application forms into your institution, you offer applicants a highly responsive and streamlined experience while reducing operational expenses in your administration.

With an application form which is divided into multiple steps, applicants have a clear overview of what they need to do to achieve their goal – to become a student at your institution.

CY2’s Application Form key features and capabilities:
  • Installation component
  • Setup component
  • Application form landing component where (new) users can create a new application and/or maintain
  • Allow users to create new applications
  • Delete existing applications
  • View/Alter existing applications