Technology solutions and services for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions.

Our passion for Higher Education is why our customers work with us. We are dedicated to providing solutions and services that improve and extend the use of Campus Solutions. 

Our Solutions

Continuing Education

Built with standard Campus Solutions capabilities and PeopleCode, CE addresses requirements of non-traditional students.

CY2 Connect

Connect offers institutions an alternative to email. Students can be reached wherever they are – SMS; WhatsApp; Teams; Digital Assistant; Modo; Slack; any mobile application.

Program Enrollment

PE  provides a guided pathways model in a completely flexible and open program structure which is able to support virtually any type of institutional program requirements. 

Digital Assistant

Based on Oracle’s ODA platform, Ada is easily trained and implemented by CY2 to address a wide range of use cases.

Application Form

The most modern and flexible application form build for PeopleSoft.