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We are passionate about Higher Education. We are dedicated to extending and improving Campus Solutions. Our customers love us because we listen and strive to understand their challenges and goals. We’re creative. We’re relentless. We meet and exceed our commitments. Most of all, we care.

Meet CY2

With more than 14 years of experience advising, building and maintaining the student administration system Oracle PeopleSoft Campus Solutions, CY2 is an industry leader in higher education tech. 

While we’re knowledgeable about other Oracle and PeopleSoft products, we are exclusively focused on Campus Solutions. Last time we checked, we were the only consultancy in the world who can say this. 

For this reason, CY2 supports the IT development of a large number of educational institutions around the world. Services we offer include product development and business consultancy, as well as implementation and support. 

Our customers

What we provide for your institution

Continuing Education

Built with standard Campus Solutions capabilities and PeopleCode, CE addresses requirements of non-traditional students, career training, workforce training, personal enrichment courses. With CE from CY2, institutions do not have to license, implement and support another, 3rd party SIS.

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Program Enrollment

Built with standard Campus Solutions capabilities and PeopleCode, PE  is provides a guided pathways model in a completely flexible and open program structure which is able to support virtually any type of institutional program requirements. This can lockstep structured program of study or a more flexible and open program structure that allows individual student planning.

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CY2 Connect

Connect offers institutions a student communications alternative to email, reaching students wherever they are on any mobile channel. 

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Digital Assistant

Based on Oracle’s ODA platform, Ada is easily trained and implemented by CY2 to address a wide range of use cases.

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Application Form

The most modern and flexible application form build for PeopleSoft.

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We consult to tailor fit your organization while making sure that everything keeps running smothly. 

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We’re proud of our professional relationships with other companies who are committed to innovating higher ed tech.