Oracle PeopleSoft Campus Solutions is a Student Information System supporting the entire life-cycle of a student, from prospects to alumni. Campus Solutions delivers several modules which can be configured according to the institutions’ needs, making it a robust yet flexible system for any institution.

However, Campus Solutions is much more than an administrative system. The rapidly changing world where we live in demands institutions to be innovative. They have to respond to modern user experience demands, offer new education models, and adapt quickly to new – and continuously changing – governmental rules. Campus Solutions supports all these requirements.


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It’s a not only a broad set of capabilities to support the student life-cycle, it’s also a deep one. It supports a variety of education models and corresponding business requirements, ranging from traditional university offerings to business school arrangements, from lock-step programs to open college courses, and everything in between.

Furthermore, Campus Solutions delivers out-of-the-box integration with CRM, HR, financial products and Learning Management Systems.


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Guide students through a specific task

Guide students through a specific task

Oracle technology behind Campus Solutions offers great ways to show information to and communicate between students, staff, and people outside the institution, like parents and internship coaches. Dashboards with smart navigation tools, click-through reports on the screen, delegated access for third parties, automated work lists and notifications, responsive layouts for mobile devices: it’s all within your reach.


A Service Oriented Architecture combined with several frameworks allow institutions to configure the system according to their unique business requirements; and to enhance and adapt business processes whenever they need to without having to recur to costly customizations. Furthermore, Oracle offers an on-premise version, the Student Cloud, and other deployment options, so each institution can choose the model that best suits their needs.

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Bring information towards people

With Campus Solutions, you are ensured of a long-life system that will grow along with your needs. Learn more about Campus Solutions on our blog.