About us

More than ever IT is at the basis for the evolution of education and the way this is delivered by institutions. Education plays a key role in empowering people to be successful in a global information society. More demand to serve individual educational needs, triggers the development of flexible programs and competence based learning. Being successful in a global society requires mobility and sharing of knowledge far beyond the borders of the institution. Digitization enables to collaborate in an easy and accessible way and to be a member of the education community.

CY2 is supporting customers in achieving those goals. Rooted as a company that offers consulting services for Oracle Campus Solutions, we combine a high level of expertise about the business processes and the design, configuration and maintenance of supporting applications with a holistic view on organization and IT.

Our services include business consultancy, implementation services, functional support, technical support and development. Enjoy Sharing Knowledge are our key values. We believe that we best serve our customers and the future of education by sharing the highest level of expertise. And we honestly enjoy that; it is great fun!


To be the global reference partner of educational institutions for training and guidance in the implementation of state of the art student information services.


We believe that by sharing the best set of knowledge, skills and abilities with educational institutions worldwide, we enable them to deliver state of the art student information services.

Key values


  • Engagement
  • Change-management
  • Fun!


  • Knowledge (learning approach)
  • Responsibility (co-creation)
  • Solutions (cooperation)


  • High level of expertise
  • Innovative
  • Holistic approach
  • More than IT alone

Our team

  • Florine Schmeddes
    Florine SchmeddesOffice Manager
  • Elmer Mackor
    Elmer MackorConsultant
  • Aarón Lopez Marin
    Aarón Lopez MarinConsultant
  • Jochem Koopman
    Jochem KoopmanConsultant
  • Wyke Beeking
    Wyke BeekingConsultant
  • Michiel van Laar
    Michiel van LaarSenior consultant
  • Stefan van Liempt
    Stefan van LiemptSenior Consultant
  • Albert Postma
    Albert PostmaSenior consultant
  • Marcus Cuda
    Marcus CudaDeveloper
  • Joost Niessen
    Joost NiessenJunior Consultant
  • Priya Patel
    Priya PatelDeveloper
  • Stefan Kersbergen
    Stefan KersbergenTechnical Consultant
  • Raúl Garín
    Raúl GarínSenior Consultant
  • Sander van den Berg
    Sander van den BergDeveloper
  • Ernst La Haye
    Ernst La HayeCEO and Principal consultant
  • Resa Sa-Ardnuam
    Resa Sa-ArdnuamDesigner
  • Shubham Rastogi
    Shubham RastogiDeveloper